FAQs about RIVIAM Secure Portal

27/06/2018 09:51

My browser doesn't display the Secure Portal website or crashes right at the end of the process.

If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) this is often caused because the browser being used is not supported by Microsoft any longer. Read more about support for Internet Explorer.

The Secure Portal supports Microsoft IE 11 or above, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

To resolve this problem we suggest you use Google's Chrome browser. Most Commissioning Support Units (CSUs) or your IT department will support the use of Google Chrome.

My web browser says the certificates are out of date?

RIVIAM's Secure Portal uses a certificate issued by GlobalSign to encrypt the data sent to your browser.

Within your browser there are a set of what's called 'CA root certificates'. These certificates are updated on a regular basis and if your browser is out-of-date you may get an error about certificates, or it may say the site is unsafe.

To resolve this issue please ensure that your browser is up-to-date.

Do I get a copy of the referral form?

Yes, once you have submitted a referral you will receive an email to let you know we have received and are processing your referral. This email contains a link which allows you to download the referral form for your records.

How do I raise a technical support ticket?

If none of the above helps you, then please complete our support form. Please don't put any details about the person you are caring for as this email is not for clinical issues.

Need support?

If you need technical support, you can raise a support ticket using our support form

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