What we do

Every day in the NHS, people's lives are being improved because RIVIAM provides a secure platform and services for co-ordinating care
What we do

We help health and social care providers improve the lives of people in their care with digital technology.

Our focus is on helping clinicians and administrators get the information they require to provide people with the right care.

Our passion is working with referrers, providers and citizens to improve lives through the delivery of digital, co-ordinated care.

Our aim is to enable new models of care by integrating with existing NHS and clinical systems and providing our customers with the flexibility and speed of delivery to meet today's demands.

We do this by delivering digital solutions through the RIVIAM platform.

Cost efficiency is important in the 21st century and our services are priced to meet the needs of health and social care providers. We take all the hassle out of using the latest technology.

“Using RIVIAM has meant we have a secure way of enabling everyone who needs to make a referral to us to be able to do so quickly, easily and safely.

This includes those who don’t have secure NHS email such as school nurses, voluntary workers, parents, carers and individuals themselves.”
Stuart John Chuan, Deputy Clinical Director, Simplify Health ((the organisation which previously partnered with FTB)

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