Interoperability delivered by RIVIAM’s Appointment Booking Service helps GP federation BEMS+ deliver Improved Access 

GPs using EMIS Web can see and book GP appointments in real-time into GP federation's clinical system, TPP SystmOne™

Benefits of RIVIAM

  • There is no need for GPs using EMIS Web to log into another system or re-key information in order to see and book appointments into SystmOne.
  • Offers convenience for patients who have equitable access to out-of-hours routine GP appointments.
  • Enables Bath and North East Somerset Enhanced Medical Services (BEMS+) to deliver Improved Access with an efficient digital system.

What was the technical challenge BEMS+ faced to deliver Improved Access?

GP federation, BEMS+, is responsible for delivering the NHS requirement that, from October 1st 2018, everyone has improved and equal access to GP services, including sufficient routine appointments during evenings and weekends based on local demand.

In B&NES, there were 5 GP practices using EMIS Web as their clinical system with the remaining GP practices on TPP’s SystmOne. BEMS+ themselves use SystmOne. Practices using EMIS Web couldn’t view or book appointments for their registered patients to see out of hours GPs based in other GP practices, disadvantaging these patients. To be successful in delivering Improved Access for all patients in B&NES, BEMS+ needed an innovative, digital way to solve this problem. They didn’t want to rely on risky or out-of-date paper-based processes. RIVIAM’s Appointment Booking Service is the answer and this has been used by BEMS+ since January 1st 2019 to deliver Improved Access.

BEMS+ is a not-for-profit organisation based in Bath which brings together local GP practices to deliver community-based clinical services for 190,000 people in Bath and North East Somerset (B&NES).

“RIVIAM gives us a safe, digital and cost-saving solution without which our ability to deliver Improved Access for people of B&NES would have been much more difficult.” Dr Andrew Smith, BEMS+

Booking appointments from EMIS Web into TPP SystmOne

RIVIAM acts as an integration layer which provides the capability to interconnect the GP practices using EMIS Web with BEMS+ TPP SystmOne instance. This is how it works:

  1. Once logged into EMIS Web, a GP selects a patient and navigates to the patient record summary where they can see and click on RIVIAM.
  2. A Service Directory is displayed and by selecting the BEMS+ Improving Access Service, the RIVIAM appointment booking page will appear.
  3. It’s easy to see and find available GP appointments by selecting the patient’s desired location, clinician and date.
  4. GPs choose an appropriate appointment, click the Book button and confirm consent.
  5. RIVIAM automatically books the appointment into BEMS+ TPP SystmOne. The appointment slot is updated in real time so there is no possibility of a double booking. RIVIAM also pulls from the record a history of appointments for the patient, and any Do Not Attends. This is all useful information for the clinician.
  6. If the patient has been seen before, it is booked under their NHS number, otherwise a temporary number is used. BEMS+ then create the patient and update the appointment with the correct NHS number. If a patient cancels an appointment, the cancellation appears in real time in SystmOne. After the patient’s consultation, BEMS+ send a discharge notice to relevant GP practice.
“BEMS+ Improved Access a great, practical example of where RIVIAM’s interoperability is really delivering for the NHS. We have invested a lot of time and effort building effective relationships with TPP and EMIS Web and creating the interfaces to enable information to flow seamlessly and securely. I am glad this work can support excellent patient care.” Paul Targett, Managing Director RIVIAM

What are the benefits of RIVIAM’s Appointment Booking Service?

Using RIVIAM provides:

  • Innovation and interoperability. BEMS+ can deliver on their commitment to provide Improved Access in B&NES with an innovative, interoperable technical solution which acts as a digital bridge between their own TPP SystmOne instance and GP practices using EMIS Web.
  • Value for money. RIVIAM provides a cost effective digital solution to a complex problem.
  • Efficiency and time saving. GPs using EMIS Web can book appointments in real time into TPP SystmOne. They don’t need to log into another system or re-key information and there is no risk of double booking an appointment.
  • Data security. There is complete data security, reducing the potential of clinical incidents with data translation (booking the patient into the wrong appointment).
  • Convenience. Patients can access the right clinician, providing the right care, in the right place, at the right time.

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