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“Using RIVIAM has enabled us to reduce the amount of time our team spends triaging consents by over 90%. This is a significant saving that we can reinvest in our immunisations service. ” Charlotte Forward, Professional Lead 5-19 Public Health Nursing & School Age Immunisations, Virgin Care
“RIVIAM has been key to the success of the Compassionate Community Hub. For the first time, we have been able to work collaboratively on one platform without the need for phone calls or emails. This makes for more accurate partnership working and a better service for residents in all parts of Bath and North East Somerset.” James Carlin, Director, 3SG

Referral management for Single Points of Access

RIVIAM manages and controls the flow of referrals through your SPoA or service centre hub

Integrating with GP systems

RIVIAM provides real-time integration with TPP SystmOne™ and EMIS Web for new models of care


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