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“Using RIVIAM has enabled us to reduce the amount of time our team spends triaging consents by over 90%. This is a significant saving that we can reinvest in our immunisations service. ” Charlotte Forward, Professional Lead 5-19 Public Health Nursing & School Age Immunisations, Virgin Care
“Providing a system whereby partners can share information securely and work more collaboratively has been and will continue to be crucial to the success of the compassionate wellbeing hub. This has transformed how we have worked in partnership.” Claire Thorogood, Head of Contracting & Performance, BaNES Council

Referral Management for Single Points of Access

With RIVIAM, you can manage the flow of referrals through your SPoA or service centre

Wellbeing service for multi-agency care

Healthcare providers can work with the Local Authority and third sector organisations to co-ordinate care

Wellbeing Screens

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