Email Processing service

Eliminates the need to assign valuable staff to monitor email accounts by enabling emails to be captured and processed automatically into workflow queues
Email Processing service

NHS providers co-ordinating care through Single Points of Access or Hubs recognise that in order to meet rising demands they have to find efficiencies and innovative ways to improve patient care. Thousands of hours of clinical and administrative time can be saved if the processing of email referrals is automated.

RIVIAM can read emails directly from NHS accounts and automatically process the email and its attachments securely into workflow queues on RIVIAM in seconds.

Valuable people can focus on value-adding tasks

There is no longer any need for staff to monitor email accounts and read every referral, freeing them up to focus on more important tasks. Referrals flow automatically to the right clinician.

RIVIAM's Email Processing service:

  • Auto-checks email account/s every 20 seconds.
  • Auto-reads referral documents attached, reading the referrer and patient details.
  • Auto-allocates the email and its documents to a pathway or a service centre on RIVIAM workflow, reading identifiers on the referral form or in the referral's text to determine the appropriate workflow queue.
Document Desktop

Easy to view email and documents in workflow

When RIVIAM receives the incoming email, it creates a referral and patient record auto-populating all the details. All the documents received with a email referral are uploaded in the documents section in workflow ready for review.

If multiple referrals are included in one email, RIVIAM creates separate referrals for each document containing patient data and safely ignores any other documents in the email.

Enables you to respond to demand

It's easy to see the flow of incoming email referrals and any bottlenecks in flow can be easily identified and backlogs quickly managed.

Urgent referrals which have to be managed within 2 hours can be prioritised to meet service KPIs.

Email Processing Desktop With Rag

See incoming email referrals in Workflow

Operate as one service

Where there are multiple service centres in different physical locations, RIVIAM enables them to operate as one consistent service.

Improves referrer experience

On receipt of an email, RIVIAM can issue the sender a confirmation email which provides reassurance their referral is being managed. The acknowledgement also contains a referral code should they wish to request a status update.

A complete solution to receiving and managing referrals digitally

With RIVIAM's Email Processing service, Secure Portals and GP Portals a single point of access or hub has a complete digital solution for receiving and managing referrals efficiently in workflow queues to ensure people get the care they need at the appropriate time.

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