RIVIAM fulfils the promise of new models of care

RIVIAM enables new models of care to meet the changing demands for providing health and social care services in the 21st century.

Health and social care commissioners are facing unparalleled challenges from rising demand for services, an ageing population and a real-term reduction in funding.

How RIVIAM helps

RIVIAM provides a cost-effective, secure platform and services that enable health and social care providers to improve the way they manage and co-ordinate care. Our services are all built around providing a single view of a person and their care.

We've focused on how we can help children's and adult community care providers improve the way they manage referrals and make decisions about what care is required.

There are a number of ways we do this:

  1. RIVIAM's referral management services enable the transformation of service centres or single points of access.
  2. Our Wellbeing service enables the delivery of multi-agency care where healthcare providers can work together with Local Authorities and the third sector.
  3. Our digital immunisations service enables our customers to digitise the entire process for delivery of school-aged vaccinations, from eConsents, triage, a mobile app for managing clinics and updating the clinical system with outcomes.
  4. Finally, our experience and commitment to working with GP practices mean we've focused on building strong digital integrations with GP and NHS systems.
“Providing a system whereby partners can share information securely and work more collaboratively has been and will continue to be crucial to the success of the compassionate wellbeing hub. This has transformed how we have worked in partnership.” Claire Thorogood, Head of Contracting & Performance, BaNES Council

Who we work with

Today, we work with NHS Trusts, GP federations, independent organisations delivering NHS services across England and Local Authorities.

Our referral management services are used to support Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) in Birmingham for Forward Thinking Birmingham ( a consortium led by Birmingham Children’s Hospital) and for both CAMHS and the Children's Family Health Service for Surrey and Borders Partnership Foundation NHS Trust.

Our immunisations services are used by Virgin Care in Wiltshire, Bath and North East Somerset (BaNES) and Devon, Somerset Partnership NHS Trust, Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust, Sirona care & health and Vaccination UK.

We have worked with GP federations BEMS+ and Southampton Primary Care Limited.

In BaNES, our Wellbeing service enables teams from Virgin Care, BaNES Council, Link Workers, Bath Mind, Citizen's Advice, Age UK BaNES and other voluntary sector organisations to work together and share information so they can help people who are most in need during the COVID-19 pandemic with food, mental health, wellbeing and welfare.

We want to hear from you

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