RIVIAM securely manages the most sensitive information about you to improve your care

RIVIAM's focus is to ensure you get the right care with the right information on time.

We provide RIVIAM to enable health and social care providers to work better together to deliver your care. We deliver easy to use digital services such as web portals and eConsent sites so you can interact safely with healthcare professionals.

Barriers to information flow

One of the biggest barriers preventing organisations from delivering better care is the way information flows. The flow of information is difficult within their organisation and across to other supporting services.

Disconnected care

Most people will have had an experience themselves, or of someone they care about, being discharged from hospital or the local community provider without the right information. A community nursing team and a mental health team might not have the latest information about what's happened to a person in their care. This is all about information flow and how people are able to use that information.

Linking it all up

Our strategy is to be the 'digital bridge' that links different organisations and computer systems to provide a co-ordinated care service. We are also providing our service on a really cost-effective basis so that anyone from the smallest charities to the largest health and social care organisations can use it.

So how are we helping you?

Today, we help to manage information about thousands of people every month. We help improve the delivery of care by:

  1. Improving the way health and social care organisations manage the referral information about you when you need care.
  2. Providing interactive and engaging web and mobile applications such as eConsent forms for children's vaccinations and our Patient Portal.
  3. Ensuring that our technology integrates with the latest digital services available from the NHS.


If you have any questions please use our support ticket service and we will try and help you.

We want to hear from you

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