NHS integration

RIVIAM delivers into NHS digital services every day

At RIVIAM, digital integration is built into everything we do.

We have a continuous programme of investing in NHS integrations to keep our customers at the vanguard, and we provide our own APIs.

Interfacing with clinical systems

RIVIAM is part of NHS Digital's IM1 GPSoC programme. RIVIAM is accredited to integrate with TPP SystmOne™ and can now interface in real time.

We are an accredited partner with EMIS Web using the transactional interface. This is the interface that allows real-time access to GP information.

RIVIAM can also interface with clinical systems that use the HL7 Admission, Discharge, Transfer (ADT) interface, including TPP SystmOne™ and compatible Electronic Patient Records (EPRs), so patients using our Patient Portal can book the right appointments for their referrals and receive the best experience. The ADT system enables RIVIAM to securely access patient and referral data and events seamlessly.

Delivering documents with MESH

MESH is NHS's secure file transfer service that links computer systems used by NHS Trusts. RIVIAM uses this service to deliver documents directly into GP systems in England. Today, RIVIAM delivers documents into GP systems in real time, supporting our customers deliver on the promise of a paper-free NHS.

In 2023, we delivered over 800,000 documents straight to GP systems.

Patient lookup with NHS Spine Mini service

RIVIAM is an accredited provider of NHS Spine Mini Services with NHS Digital. This means that RIVIAM is able to look up basic patient information including NHS number. For our customers, this delivers improved data accuracy and more efficient, higher quality reporting.

In 2023, RIVIAM performed 1.9 million lookups.

Real time integration with EPR

In 2023, RIVIAM enabled a real time data feed from the EPR at the Royal United Hospital Bath (Cerner's Millennium) with RIVIAM's Discharge dashboard, part of our Discharge service.

This means when hospital ward teams access the Discharge dashboard on RIVIAM to see the latest status of referrals for patients, the dashboard shows the patient's most recent ward, Estimated Discharge Date or Actual Discharge Date, improving decision making.

For third sector teams accessing their view of the dashboard, the real time data update provides confidence regarding when to visit and deliver services.

Current integrations underway

  1. In 2024, authorised partners at the Community Wellbeing Hub in Bath and North East Somerset will soon be able to access a real time view of the local Integrated Care Record via RIVIAM.
  2. We will soon have an interface with GP Connect allowing a real time view of a patient's GP record.
  3. We have developed our test harnesses for eReferrals and will be enabling RIVIAM to receive and send referrals via the eReferral system.
  4. RIVIAM can list provider services on its GP Portal directory of services to support out-of-hours services.


We will be using the NHS App to enable patients to book and manage appointments on a Patient Portal launched in 2024.

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