Managing sensitive information

Security is at the heart of RIVIAM, encrypting all sensitive data to meet the high standards expected for operating within the NHS

Our secure platform and digital services are run from a secure data centre accredited to the UK Government’s standards.

All information is encrypted at all times using the AES256 algorithm.

Connected to the NHS Network

RIVIAM is directly connected to the NHS Network (HSCN) to provide even further security to NHS customers.

Secure web services

All of our web services are designed for the highest security. On a regular basis, we have third party organisations attack our services to ensure they remain secure.

Mobile security

Our mobile security model is second to none and each mobile device we connect uses a public/private key infrastructure, with data stored in an AES256 database.

Consent for sharing information about people across health and care communities is built into the platform.

“For Simplify Health to do things differently we realised that we had to join up the mental health care system. Interoperability is an inescapable part of this and we needed the capabilities to enable referrals to be sent to our Access Centre from different sources in an integrated, safe way, and in real time.” Melinda Rees, Managing Director, Simplify Health ((the organisation which previously partnered with FTB)
Role-based user access

Role-based user access

Every user action on RIVIAM is managed through role-based access

Two-factor authentication

When a user logs into RIVIAM, they need to provide an additional code either via SMS or using a soft token

Two-factor authentication

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