GP Portal service

Gives GPs control over the data they share, with real-time access to data about a patient from providers

RIVIAM's GP Portal enables GPs to securely interact with health and social care providers, accessing real-time information about patients in their care from within their GP system.

Access services from a provider via a Service Directory

GP users can choose from a service directory of providers on RIVIAM which have an agreement to provide patient services and share information. Users are then able to interact with the information and communicate with the service provider. This reduces the need for GP practice staff to call and email providers to chase up referral requests or return information.

Auto sign in to RIVIAM based on GP login

RIVIAM provides the ability to access and update information in the GP system as well as enabling GPs to use RIVIAM without having to login.

Once a GP has bonded with RIVIAM, whenever they are logged into their GP system, RIVIAM will automatically login the user.

NHS England’s Improving Access requirements

Using the portal, GP users on one GP system can book appointments into other GP system providing support for NHS England’s Improving Access requirements.

New models of care

New pathways can be developed where information is shared seamlessly. GP users can interact with these pathways without the need to login to another system.

Puts GPs in control

RIVIAM is configured to only allow providers access to the information that has been agreed with patients. This means that GPs are able to take part in new pathways whilst remaining in control of patient data and fulfilling their duties as data controllers.

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