Connecting Patient Portal to clinical system

RIVIAM provides a direct interface with the clinical system

RIVIAM provides a direct interface with clinical systems that use the Admission, Discharge, Transfer (ADT) interface, including TPP SystmOne™ and compatible Electronic Patient Records (EPRs).

Real time data feed

The HL7 ADT interface enables RIVIAM to manage a shadow appointment diary in RIVIAM so patients can book the right appointments for their referrals using the Patient Portal.

RIVIAM can capture new patient, referral and appointment events happening in real time.

Access to reference data

Using the IM1 transactional interface, RIVIAM can also pull information that's not included in the ADT interface, capturing booking or appointment cancellations.

Communication with the IM1 interface takes place via RIVIAM's Desktop Connector application. This acts as a 'bridge' to enable data to flow securely between the clinical system and RIVIAM.

The IM1 interface is used to perform the actual appointment booking.

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