Puts you in control of all eConsents

Removes the need for spreadsheets to record consents. It’s easy for service centres to manage the flow of incoming eConsents using customisable rules-based pathways
Puts you in control of all eConsents

With RIVIAM, consent and information provided by parents is instantly accessible to service centre users who can plan and tailor patient support in advance of immunisation clinics. As a result, each clinic can maximise the number of immunisations and improve care.

Immunisations Dashboard puts you in control

A dashboard shows the overall status of all consents received for a pathway. A pathway can be designed for any immunisation service, for example MMR, HPV or Flu.

The dashboard also shows critical management information and a user is able to drill down into more detail. They can click to see schools that are included in the immunisation programme, the number of responses per school and search for a child.

Managing the workflow of consents

The consents for each pathway are automatically organised in queues, for example by: those requiring triage; where consent has been declined; and where progress simply requires a demographic check.

Service centre users can make a rapid assessment and see what work needs to be done in each queue. This work is is managed through one or more steps in the pathway allowing users to progress consents along pre-defined routes.

Automatic child look-up

RIVIAM looks up each child's details against a list of known children and then checks the NHS number and the demographic details match. Where there is no NHS number, RIVIAM uses the demographics to identify the patient. This creates efficiencies.

Single view for each child

Users can view each child’s consent, see any additional comments made by parents, the workflow history and a timeline recording when the consent was received.

They can perform and record any tasks such as calls to parents who may have raised concerns.

Managing immunisations clinics

In preparation for clinics, administrators can access a simple interface to set up schools, year groups and classes. A diary view then presents scheduled clinics, all patients for each clinic and the detailed responses and consents from parents.

A session list can be downloaded with all the information a nursing team needs to administer the vaccination clinic.

Once a clinic is completed, the clinician or an administrator can upload to RIVIAM a list of children who have received the vaccination, the date and other relevant information.

RIVIAM's mobile immunisations app can also be used to manage clinics.

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