RIVIAM enhances accessibility with multilingual referral forms

08/08/2023 14:46

RIVIAM enhances accessibility with multilingual referral forms

RIVIAM is helping customers break down cultural barriers, reduce health inequalities and improve accessibility by offering multilingual options on its referral forms.

RIVIAM will begin the rollout process from September 2023 starting with immunisation eConsent forms and the capability will then be made available to other services as required.

Why offer multiple language options?

According to The Office for National Statistics, around 7.1% of the UK population speak English as a second language. Studies show that people are more likely to read information in their native language if given the option, boosting patient confidence, increasing uptake, and improving patient care.

“As a provider, we recognise the importance of making our service accessible to a diverse population. We strive to reduce health inequalities in the communities that we serve.

A key component of our service is making sure that important information is available to our service users in accessible formats. One strategy we employ to meet this goal is making consent materials and health promotion materials available in multiple languages both written and aural.

Being able to offer our e-consent in multiple languages is a positive step and one powerful tool to enable more people to access our service.”
James Hart, Head of Operations for NHS Services, Vaccination UK

Interpretation services

RIVIAM ensures the highest quality interpretation of its referral forms.

Interpretation services are provided by professional, medically qualified interpreters with Enhanced DBS checks to ensure patient safety.

The accuracy and reliability of the medical information translated are also subject to stringent clinical safety testing and Information Governance sign-off to ensure each customer is completely satisfied that patient safety is protected.

11 languages supported

RIVIAM has developed Immunisation eConsents in the following languages: Portuguese, Polish, Bengali, Punjabi, Romanian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Hindi, Albanian, and Arabic.

For referrers

Multi-language options are easily accessible. The person completing the referral form can select the languages button/flag on the top right of the referral form or eConsent. They simply choose the desired language and complete the form.

For clinicians

RIVIAM will keep a copy of the referral in the native language submitted by the referrer. If translation is required, the user can quickly convert the text into English using a premium translation service.

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