Discharge service

Enables patients ready for discharge to access third sector services more easily. Gives hospital teams confidence about support arranged for quicker discharge decisions
Discharge service

RIVIAM's Discharge service speeds up when patients who are clinically ready for discharge leave hospital, freeing up beds.

People ready for discharge are connected with a range of commissioned hospital discharge services as well as a wider group of community and third sector organisations.

Ward staff can see whether these services are lined up or delivered for a person and make informed and confident decisions about a person's successful discharge.

The service offers:

  1. An Onward Admission Referral Form enabling ward staff to refer a patient to a wide range of community care services, including Commissioned Hospital Discharge Services.
  2. A Discharge dashboard so ward staff can see what's happening for a person's care in the community and make decisions about a person's discharge.
  3. Online communication between ward staff and community and third sector services, reducing the need for phone calls and emails that introduce time delays.
  4. A view of the Discharge dashboard for community and third sector services so they can easily see the person's confirmed discharge date and the services set up for a person.

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“We’re delighted our Discharge service will help people leaving hospital access community care more quickly, and, using RIVIAM, health, social care and third sector services will be coordinating care for people more easily and efficiently.

This is a great example of technology improving people’s care and, as a Bath-based organisation, we’re delighted to make a difference to our local community.”
Paul Targett, MD, RIVIAM Digital Care

Problems solved by RIVIAM

Connect people with third sector support

Connect people with third sector support

An Onward Admission Form enables referrals to community and third sector services before they return home from hospital

Speed up discharge

A Discharge dashboard enables ward staff to see the status of support provided for a person and make decisions

Speed up discharge

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