Introducing RIVIAM immunisations dashboard reporting

16/02/2024 10:42

Introducing RIVIAM immunisations dashboard reporting

RIVIAM has recently introduced a new immunisations dashboard for our School-age immunisations service, offering customers an easy-to-read, visual summary of their key performance indicators (KPIs). The new dashboards will unlock valuable insights and help steer the immunisation programme towards success – increasing uptake of vaccinations, reducing costs and increasing team productivity.

Why are the immunisation dashboards so useful?

The benefits are numerous:

Clarity: Customers can clearly and concisely monitor the progress of current and previous years' immunisation programmes.

Real-time insights: It’s easy to track the progress of a programme with data updated as consents are received.

Informed decisions: Managers can gain a better understanding of staff time and resources spent on triage. Dashboards show the number of consents that require triage or a demographic check.

Improved communication: Sharing insights with commissioners and team members is effortless.

Increased efficiency: This information is accessible for every immunisation programme and removes the need to gather this data from different sources.

School Children

New programme overview dashboard

At the immunisation programme level, the new dashboard illustrates an executive summary of the consents received data, highlighting what matters most. It’s easy to see how many consents have been received, how many are yes consents, and how many are declined. Managers can see how many require triage and how many children have yet to be vaccinated. Customers using a clinical system integration can see how many have been successfully updated.

School summary information

At the school level, the summary information provided will allow customers to easily identify schools where they need to focus on improving uptake or perhaps attend the school again for a second visit to ensure all the children who have not yet been vaccinated, can be immunised. The imms team also have the option of inviting children to attend a catch-up community clinic.

RIVIAM reporting dashboards are a positive step that will benefit all our immunisation customers and ultimately improve immunisation rates, protecting children against infectious diseases.

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