Managing the movement of data

19/11/2018 09:45

RIVIAM manages sharing information in a number of ways:

1) Using bespoke websites to collect referral or service information as part of a customer implementation.

2) Information can be shared between RIVIAM communities.

3) RIVIAM connects to digital services for real-time exchange of information with GP systems.

RIVIAM's architecture is based on a messaging design that makes it highly suited for communicating in real time with other intelligent systems.

To help manage this communication, RIVIAM has a service that manages all communication with external systems known as the Common Gateway Service (CGS). The CGS is used to interface RIVIAM to external systems both in real-time and also in non real-time, like importing a nightly file of patient data.

When data moves between services it is encrypted using a RSA public / private key exchange. This means that within RIVIAM’s network the communication is encrypted.

When messages are stored within the RIVIAM network they are encrypted using AES256.

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