Pathway Dashboard

The pathway dashboard provides a simple way to see an overview of all referrals in one place
Pathway Dashboard

The Pathway Dashboard shows the status of all referrals based on the steps that have been defined for a pathway.

Steps allow a pathway to be divided up into what needs to be done. Users are able to click into a step and see a list of referrals that are within that step using RIVIAM's red, amber and green (RAG) system.

Steps within pathways

RIVIAM allows one or more pathways to be defined for a customer. Each pathway can be used to manage different groups of services.

Steps are the building blocks of pathways

A pathway is a defined by one or more steps through which referrals can travel. The Pathway Dashboard shows steps in 5 columns that show the flow of steps and can be configured per pathway.

Building links between steps

The connections between steps allows users to progress referrals along pre-defined routes ensuring that there is compliance built into standard procedures.

Managing work in queues

RIVIAM shows a user a list of referrals by step, known as queues. A queue allows a user to work through a list of referrals and move them on to the next step.

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