Southampton Primary Care Limited will be using RIVIAM’s Secure Video service with its direct integration with TPP SystmOne™ to deliver video consultations

RIVIAM’s integration with TPP SystmOne™ delivers access to patient appointments and diaries as well as real-time updates to the patient record following consultations

We are delighted to be working with Southampton Primary Care Limited, a forward-thinking GP federation based in Hampshire, and will soon be able to share more information about their use of the Secure Video service.

We are the enabler, our customers provide the clinicians

Unlike other video consultation technologies, RIVIAM’s focus is solely on being the digital enabler whilst our customers provide the clinical capabilities.

The service provides a real-time secure video and audio-conferencing call and is 100% part of RIVIAM, meaning it doesn’t store or process any video information outside England.

Customers can fully customise the patient experience including the digital waiting room that allows patients to see where they are in the queue as well as potentially answer pre-consultation questions. The waiting room is integrated into TPP SystmOne™’s diary to provide the patient with a realistic waiting time.

Why RIVIAM's interface with TPP’s SystmOne™ makes all the difference

RIVIAM’s interface with TPP’s SystmOne™ means a GP or clinician user can book appointments using their regular clinical rotas. Post-consultation, relevant information is written back into TPP SystmOne™ automatically.

Booking a video consultation triggers an email invitation to the patient containing a URL link and pin code. The patient is able to access and launch the video with RIVIAM’s mobile app using any connected device.

During the call, the GP user or the patient can save the video and audio recording. Afterwards, RIVIAM keeps a secure copy of the video consultation in the patient record for later reference and access by the user.

Build new models of care

Our Secure Video service has recently been showcased in HTN and you can read the Secure Video service case study.

Get in touch with us if you think the service could support your new models of care.

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