Half a million consents managed on RIVIAM Digital Health’s platform in just 3 months

09/12/2021 12:38

Half a million consents managed on RIVIAM Digital Health’s platform in just 3 months

In August, we took a deep breath as we geared up to support our customers’ most ambitious autumn immunisation programme ever.

This year, pressure on the teams is acute. More children are receiving the flu vaccination (1) and 12–15-year-olds need a COVID-19 dose.

And we’ve proudly supported our customers by achieving a milestone.

500,000 consents have been processed on our platform between 1st September to 30th November 2021.

Saving staff time and reducing pressure

When parents and carers return consents for their children's flu and COVID-19 vaccinations, triage of these returns on RIVIAM is seamless and quick.

Only 10% need to be reviewed by a clinician who might need to make a call to a parent to discuss some details. 90% are automatically filtered by RIVIAM and don’t require any review.

So, nurses and admin staff can be more productive elsewhere and focus on caring for children.

£1.3 million

Our estimate – based on customer feedback - is that over this 3-month period our immunisation customers freed up and have been able to reprioritise staff triage time worth £1.3 million (2)

Happy Immunisations Nurse

Focus continues

A bookable immunisations service is our latest innovation. Parents and carers can book their children’s vaccinations at a time and place to suit them.

HPV and DTP programmes, along with supporting a second dose of the COVID-19 vaccination, for our customers will be next.

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(1) The flu programme in 2021 has been extended to include all school-aged children from Reception to Year 11

(2) RIVIAM’s immunisations customers report that compared to a manual process, RIVIAM reduces clinical and administrative time filtering consent forms that require review by approximately 90%. Based on analysis provided by a customer using the ratio of staff they would have required previously to carry out a manual triage of returned paper consents, we have evaluated that this equates to a cost saving of £1.3 million over a 3-month period.

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