Recruiting for a Health and Social Care Business Operations Manager

03/06/2021 10:51

Recruiting for a Health and Social Care Business Operations Manager

Exciting opportunity to join RIVIAM

We are looking for an experienced professional with strong operations and customer delivery experience to join us as Health and Social Care Operations Delivery Manager. It's a really exciting opportunity to join our team at a time when our business is growing and where you can play a vital role in helping improve the delivery of NHS services.

Download the job specification.

Supporting RIVIAM's eConsent Immunisations service

Initially, the role will focus on RIVIAM’s Immunisations eConsent Service supporting healthcare providers in England deliver Flu, DTP and HPV vaccination programmes to school-aged children using eConsent forms, online workflow and our mobile App.

RIVIAM provides high-quality configuration, business change and operations support to our customers. This role is about working with our customers to ensure RIVIAM is supporting their needs and the operational challenges of their immunisation’s programmes.

Delivering customer success

A key part of the role is to build strong relationships with our immunisation customers so that we are a key partner for their delivery of school immunisations. At RIVIAM, we have long relationships with our customers and delivering customer success is an important part of our culture.

Download the job specification.

If you are interested we'd love to hear from you. Please get in touch or contact Paul directly at

The application deadline is 30th June.

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