RIVIAM announces wider portfolio of G-Cloud 12 services to help NHS, social care and 3rd sector co-ordinate care with integrated information

29/09/2020 11:51

RIVIAM announces wider portfolio of G-Cloud 12 services to help NHS, social care and 3rd sector co-ordinate care with integrated information

RIVIAM has been successful in expanding our range of cloud services available via the G-Cloud 12 framework to help NHS, social care and third sector providers co-ordinate care with more integrated information.

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RIVIAM's portfolio overcomes the issue that joined-up care with integrated information is hard for providers and local authorities to achieve so they can safely deliver new care services. Often services require a multi-agency approach where there is a need to share information between services and across organisations securely, linking in with existing clinical and IT systems.

During Covid-19, the need for this partnership has accelerated and RIVIAM helps our customers make transformation happen enabling personalised care.

“As our G-Cloud 12 listing shows, we are continuing to invest in our innovative services that help our customers remove out-of-date, paper-based referral management processes and information blockages whilst ensuring interoperability with GP systems.

Over the last year, RIVIAM has made rapid strides in our ambition to enable health, social care and third sector to collaborate as well as co-ordinate new care services using our platform. We've added RIVIAM Wellbeing, an integrated care service that enables multi-agency care delivery, and a Dynamic Care Plan so organisations can co-ordinate and share care plans about people in real-time. Our new immunisations app for school nurses also enhances our eConsent vaccination service adding to the efficiencies the service provides customers. ”
Paul Targett, Managing Director, RIVIAM

New RIVIAM services listed on G-Cloud 12

For G-Cloud 12, RIVIAM has included the following new services this year. These complement our enhanced referral management, workflow and mobile working capabilities:

  1. Email Processing service which is designed to work in service centres and single points of access. RIVIAM reads emails directly from NHS accounts and automatically processes the email and its attachments into workflow queues in seconds saving thousands of hours a year of clinical and administrative time.
  2. Wellbeing enables healthcare, social care and third sector organisations to work together in a single, secure digital ecosystem, co-ordinating care for people and seeing a single view of activities about a person.
  3. Dynamic Care Plan so different health and social care providers can share and update information in real-time, such as end-of-life plans, or alerts about a person.

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