RIVIAM's GP Portal supports single sign-in challenge

09/01/2020 09:20

RIVIAM's GP Portal supports single sign-in challenge

RIVIAM welcomes the announcement that UK Government will invest £40 million to introduce single system logins this year and agrees this will 'raise the bar across the NHS by making sure organisations have a core set of capabilities in place'.

It's a great step forward in getting the fundamentals of our health technology infrastructure fit for 21st century. This announcement must be a great relief for NHS staff who will no longer have to remember multiple login details and it will free up their time to focus on caring for their patients.

Paul Targett, RIVIAM's Managing Director, commented: "If the Government's commitment to introduce single sign-on for NHS services comes to fruition, it has the potential to unlock large amounts of clinician time which is currently blocked by their inability to easily log in to services. It's a great move forward. Ideally, we would love to see in the future one login which is transparent and portable from one application to another with all the right checks in place."

Single sign-in with RIVIAM's GP Portal

With RIVIAM's commitment to interoperability, we are playing our part in ensuring single-sign in, removing a barrier so innovative new models of care can be provided by partners in the primary and community sectors working together.

Using our GP Portal, GPs can share information about their patients with health and social care providers without the need to login to another system. They can send referrals and find out the status of their patient's care and clinical appointments. All they need to do is launch RIVIAM within their clinical system, choose from a service directory of providers on RIVIAM and start interacting.

Once a GP has bonded with RIVIAM, whenever they are logged into their GP System, RIVIAM will automatically login the user - there is no need to remember multiple login details.

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