School nurses are trained to use new RIVIAM Immunisations Mobile app that automatically updates outcomes on TPP SystmOne™

05/03/2020 15:31

At the end of February 2020, Virgin Care's School Nursing team in B&NES, Wiltshire and Devon came together for training on how to use the new RIVIAM Immunisations Mobile app to deliver immunisations clinics.

The outcomes of immunisations are digitally recorded via the app in real time and, where RIVIAM is connected with TPP SystmOne™, it will automatically make an update directly to the clinical system.

60 nurses attended and by the end of the sessions they were fully versed in how to use the app and excited about how much time saving and efficiency it will provide.

Training School Nurses To Use Immunisations Mobile App

Virgin Care School Nurses at one of the training sessions in Wiltshire

Launching in Spring 2020

The RIVIAM Immunisations Mobile app will be available to Virgin Care and our other customers this Spring and will complement their existing use of immunisation clinic spreadsheets.

With RIVIAM, they can digitise the entire immunisations process from beginning to end, including automatically updating the GP system with the outcome of the child’s vaccination. The app is available for the Apple iPad and for Android devices.

Clinic management

Currently, the digital immunisations process we enable is as follows:

Parents complete eConsent forms online. The completed consents are received automatically by RIVIAM and routed to the right immunisation programme on our Workflow service. Based on the responses from parents, the consents are placed into a queue for triage or ready for demographic checks. Once reviewed and matched, the consents are ready for the child's immunisation.

Clinic management on Workflow provides the ability to schedule and manage immunisations clinics. The functionality allows clinicians to be added to a clinic and then the session details are sent automatically to a nurses's RIVIAM Immunisations Mobile app on their mobile device so they can get prepared before the clinic. They have everything they need to know at their finger tips.

Mobile app works offline and online

Nurses are busy and with the app they have immediate access to the list of children for a clinic and all their consents and triage history. The app works online and offline ensuring that clinics can be undertaken regardless of internet connection.

RIVIAM automatically updates clinical record with outcome

Our interface with TPP SystmOne™ means that once the nurse has added the outcome of the child's vaccination on the app, this is automatically shown in the patient's record.

So the app:

  1. Saves time and allows nurses to focus on providing the best service and improving uptake of immunisations.
  2. Improves data security and reduces the risks of missing or mislaid consents.
  3. Enables nurses to be more informed and prepared for clinics, improving their experience and the experience for the child.

Get in touch if you'd like to know more about RIVIAM's Digital Immunisations Consent service. We'd love to show you the system and new app.

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