Increase the uptake of school vaccinations

With RIVIAM you can digitise the entire immunisations process from beginning to end.

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Increase the uptake of school vaccinations

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We'll be pleased to show you how RIVIAM can digitise your entire child immunisations process from beginning to end.

We'll demo our complete end-to-end digital immunisations solution

Unlike other providers, RIVIAM can help you efficiently manage the entire immunisations schedule including updating the outcome of the child’s vaccination straight into the GP system (TPP SystmOne™ and System C CarePlus™).

You'll see how the service provides

  1. eConsent forms for parents. Printing and transport costs can be reduced by as much as £35k.
  2. Online triage of consents. Clinicians only review consents that are flagged as needing triage. Customers tell us this can reduce the triage time by 90% saving staff costs and enabling them to focus on more vulnerable groups.
  3. Automatic patient demographic check. Saves admin time to manually look up every patient.
  4. Paperless immunisations session management. Delivers more efficiency for every clinic.
  5. Immunisation Dashboard. Provides data insights that support targeted interventions to increase uptake.
  6. Nurses mobile app. Nurses have a onsite digital record and can update the patient's record in real-time.
  7. Automatic update of GP systems (TPP SystmOne™ and System C CarePlus) with vaccination outcomes.

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