Secure Video with TPP SystmOne™ integration

Enables secure and reliable video team meetings or video patient consultation rooms
Secure Video with TPP SystmOne™ integration

RIVIAM's Secure Video service offers a convenient and reliable alternative to face-to-face meetings for busy healthcare professionals. For organisations who want to provide patient services across locations, it enables secure video consultation rooms.

The service provides a high definition video and audio conferencing solution integrated into RIVIAM.

TPP SystmOne™ integration

With RIVIAM's direct interface with TPP’s SystmOne™ , a GP or clinician can book video appointments using their regular clinical rotas. Post consulation, relevant information is written back into the clinical system automatically.

Broadening care for patients

It's ideal for Primary Care Networks or providers looking to set up new models of care, reaching out to patients who may not normally be able to make appointments or where it's useful to invite extended family members. Possible use cases include:

  • Giving students virtual access to a GP video consultation using a mobile device, providing them with easier accessible healthcare;
  • Enabling nurses in care homes to consult clinicians remotely in real-time about patients;
  • Supporting virtual multi-disciplinary team meetings.

The service also supports environments where skilled health or social care advice is needed and can be provided remotely to groups of users.

Efficient, reliable and secure

Video calls can be set up or scheduled by sending an email invitation containing a URL link and pin code.

Recipients are able to access and launch the video using RIVIAM's mobile application on any connected device, ideally using Wi-Fi rather than mobile data.

Before the call starts, users can change their camera settings, answer any set questions and remain in a waiting room.

Recorded against a patient record

During the call, the RIVIAM user or the patient can save the video and audio recording. These can be stored securely in the RIVIAM record and also linked into clinical and third party systems.

Each user also gets the chance to take and save snapshots.

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