RIVIAM developers celebrate their one year work anniversary

02/03/2020 15:41

RIVIAM developers celebrate their one year work anniversary

In the last few weeks, two of our of developers, Max and Rob, have celebrated their 1st anniversaries working at RIVIAM. Both joined us following The Mayden Academy Full Stack Track course, where over 16 tough weeks they learned the fundamentals of being software developers.

To mark the occasion, we asked them what they have most enjoyed about working at RIVIAM and what their focus is for the next year. See what they said below.

RIVIAM is currently looking for a Development Operations Engineer to help manage RIVIAM’s production environment of Linux instances in a series of virtual data centres. Our environments run on modern stacks with SQL and NOSQL data environments. We work across AWS and VMWare. Do get in touch if you're interested in this role, or in other developer roles following the footsteps of Max and Rob.

Rob And Max

Max Mclaren-Taylor and Rob Reeves

Max Mclaren-Taylor: "The culture here is great. I love the fact every day is different and that I am applying my technical knowledge to overcome issues, whilst constantly improving my skill-set. RIVIAM embraces new technologies to add to the tech stack and I have been using a new open source software launched in 2019 called OpenVidu, incorporating this with JavaScript, Node and Express to develop a full-stack video service. This also interfaces with the clinical system, TPP SystmOne™. We launched the Secure Video service in autumn 2019 and it's being piloted by a GP federation.

I'm sure it's not often that so early in your developer career you get to create and launch a product which uses live video streams and new libraries - so I am proud of this.

Now, I am working on a forms editor using React and Redux. This will underpin our referral management capabilities and enable easier configuration of our customer's referral forms. I've got lots to learn and I am happy to be creating full-stack products using the latest modern tech."

Rob Reeves: "What attracted me to RIVIAM was the opportunity to work with and learn Python, JavaScript and React - all current, modern and widely-used technologies. RIVIAM's platform solves an interoperability headache in the NHS and I like building something that improves how data is shared, makes NHS systems work better and enables people to do their jobs. And ultimately it drives better healthcare.

Recently, I've been developing our Workflow product, creating a toolkit so that someone who isn't technically trained can quickly, easily and safely configure clinical pathways. This will speed up the deployment of Workflow.

I also take the lead on RIVIAM's support desk. My background is in customer service and so these skills, combined with my knowledge of RIVIAM as a developer, mean I know how to help customers quickly, solving queries from the basic to the more complex. I enjoy happy customers."

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