Children’s Flu and HPV vaccinations benefit from new online system enabled by RIVIAM

13/11/2018 10:36

RIVIAM has been working with a large NHS provider in B&NES, Wiltshire and Devon to revolutionise the children’s immunisation process for Flu, HPV (Human Papilloma Virus), DTP (Diphtheria, Pertussis and Tetanus) and Men ACWY (Meningitis) with a new online system for parents to give permission for vaccinations.

We started work in May 2018 to configure our Digital Immunisations Consent Service to help the organisation improve delivery of their public health immunisation programme and the experience for everyone involved.

Paper consent forms sent home in children's school bags have been banished to the past.

1000s of digital consents

So far, nearly 100,000 digital consents have been received from parents across the region for Flu vaccinations. In addition to this, 3000 digital consents have been received for the HPV vaccination.

We have just completed configuring the service to enable the processing of eConsents for adolescent immunisations for DTP and Men ACWY. Over 2000 consents for this have now been efficiently managed online by the service centre team.

Significant benefits for everyone involved

For the provider organisation the new online system enables efficient online triage and scheduling of immunisations by their service centres and the ability to keep track and co-ordinate what’s been done to whom and when. They have a single view for each child and they can perform and record tasks such as calls to parents who have raised concerns using a simple online interface. The system also enables useful reporting.

Parents and schools too benefit from an easy to use eConsent form which can be completed by parents online at any time of the day that suits them via a computer or mobile device. We have been really interested to see some consents are completed late into the evening or during the night.

This new process replaces the old paper-based immunisations consent system. It's too early to document and evidence outcomes but we know there is less room for error (because a child has lost a form, for example) and minimal administration work for the school, for example chasing and collecting in forms.

School nurses conducting clinics have all the information they need about the children they are vaccinating at their finger tips before they arrive at the school.

Dashboard for efficient online management of eConsents

How the online consent service works

  • Schools send an email to parents with a link to an eConsent form.
  • A parent completes the secure online form. It's interesting that approximately 80% of parents in the region are currently using a mobile device to do this and completing the form in minutes.
  • Parents are sent a follow up email confirming their consent.
  • Clinicians in service centres manage the flow of incoming eConsents using workflow and customisable rules-based pathways.
  • Clinicians can contact a parent before the immunisation clinic if the parent has raised any concerns.
  • Nurses use the information for a school immunisation visit.
  • The clinical system (TPP Systm1) is automatically updated with a record.

We are working on mobile application for nurses to provide them with an onsite digital record and capabilities to update a patient’s care record in real time.

If you would like to understand more about how to move your paper vaccination consent forms online, please get in touch. We'd love to talk to you.

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