Community Wellbeing Hub launches base at Royal United Hospitals Bath using RIVIAM

19/04/2023 16:02

Community Wellbeing Hub launches base at Royal United Hospitals Bath using RIVIAM

The Community Wellbeing Hub (CWH) has opened an outreach base in the Atrium of the Royal United Hospitals Bath using RIVIAM to receive and co-ordinate people’s referrals.

Here, team members are on hand Monday to Friday to advise and help patients and their families find the third sector and community support they need, sending referrals to the CWH partners using an online referral form.

The CWH currently brings together over 15 third sector and community services in Bath and North East Somerset (BaNES) including BaNES Council, HCRG Care Group, Age UK BaNES, Stroke Association, Dorothy House, Bath Mind and Carers' Centre.

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Team At The Ruh V1 0

CWH team at the RUH

RIVIAM’s Discharge service soon launching at RUH

CWH’s base in the Atrium is phase one of the plan to expand wellbeing support for people in or visiting hospital; phase two is coming this Spring and will involve roll out of RIVIAM in the wards.

Following a discussion with patients about their needs, ward staff on each of the RUH wards will soon be able to complete a new RIVIAM enabled ‘Onward Admission Form’.

People in hospital can request support from food packs to transport and help with urgent house repairs which might be preventing them returning home. These referrals will then be received and co-ordinated by partner organisations using RIVIAM’s care co-ordination platform at the CWH.

Supporting ward staff decision making and discharge

RUH ward staff will also be able to log into RIVIAM and see via a new dashboard whether the care provision is either lined up or delivered for a person, so the person can be discharged.

This will mean staff will have far greater awareness and confidence about care available for people and can quickly correspond via RIVIAM with providers.

By delivering a real time link between the ward staff and what's happening for a person's care in the community, quick decisions about when to discharge people can be made, freeing up beds and preventing further re-admission.

“We’re delighted our Discharge service will help people leaving hospital access community care more quickly, and, using RIVIAM, health, social care and third sector services will be coordinating care for people more easily and efficiently.

This is a great example of technology improving people’s care and, as a Bath-based organisation, we’re delighted to make a difference to our local community.”
Paul Targett, MD, RIVIAM Digital Care

CWH partners will see the discharge status for a person

CWH partner organisations will also be able to see via their own version of the dashboard the discharge status for a person.

This will help the organisations ensure they are ready to deliver their services. Providers can easily co-ordinate with each other, so the person has a joined-up and more personalised approach.

Great example of integrated care

RIVIAM’s Discharge service is a great example of how RIVIAM enables NHS, social care and third sector organisations to work together to deliver integrated care securely and safely.

If you would like further information about the service, please get in touch.

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