RIVIAM is ready to help during COVID-19 as an assured video consultation system for GP Federations

30/03/2020 16:43

RIVIAM is ready to help during COVID-19 as an assured video consultation system for GP Federations

NHS Digital has fast-tracked RIVIAM's Secure Video Service and we are now one of 12 suppliers on the GP IT Futures framework for Assured Video Consultation Systems.

Helping GPs and patients stay safe during COVID-19

GP Federation Southampton Primary Care is currently using the service for remote patient appointments during the Covid-19 pandemic, and we are ready to help others.

How the service helps primary care

RIVIAM Secure Video Service provides real-time, secure video or audio-conferencing calls for GP Federations or PCNs that want to deliver the clinical services themselves. It's ideal for organisations that want to offer secure online patient services across geographies. RIVIAM doesn’t store or process any information outside the UK.

Interface with TPP SystmOne™

With RIVIAM's direct interface with TPP SystmOne™, a GP or clinician can book ad hoc or scheduled video appointments using their regular clinical rotas. Post the patient’s consultation, the relevant information is automatically written back into the clinical system.

With RIVIAM, you can fully customise the patient experience including the digital waiting room which is integrated into TPP SystmOne™ 's diary to provide the patient with a realistic waiting time.

Independent service

The Secure Video service can also be set up and run without the interface with TPP SystmOne™.

Simple and secure for patients

Booking a video consultation triggers an email invitation to the patient or user containing a URL link and pin code. The patient is able to access and launch the video and adjust settings using any connected device.

Ideal for Multi-disciplinary meetings (MDTs)

Since we launched the service, we have been working hard to add new capabilities some of which you will see in the list below.

RIVIAM now also offers the flexibility for a number of participants to be invited to meetings, so the service can be used for MDTs and other meetings where groups of professionals need to come together online.

Key features of the Secure Video Service

  • Enables users on the secure HSCN network to have secure video calls with internet users.
  • Device agnostic; works across all modern mobile phones, desktops and tablets.
  • Service uses modern WebRTC internet technology.
  • Provides option to record calls and hold recordings in RIVIAM.
  • Moderator controls for all.
  • Independent audio controls.
  • Multiple video streams so ideal for MDTs.
  • Integrates with TPP SystmOne™ enabling clinicians to book appointments using clinical rotas.
  • Post consultation, relevant information is automatically written back into TPP SystmOne™
  • All information is securely hosted in the UK and stored using encrypted AES256.

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