RIVIAM joins PRSB Standards Partnership Scheme supporting integrated health and social care

14/04/2021 10:20

RIVIAM joins PRSB Standards Partnership Scheme supporting integrated health and social care

RIVIAM is pleased to announce that we are one of the first group of vendors selected to join the Professional Record Standards Body's (PRSB) new Standards Partnership Scheme.

Our health and social care customers use RIVIAM to receive information from referrers efficiently and work better together co-ordinating care most effectively. Standards and interoperability are central to this. Joining the scheme highlights our firm commitment to our customers of ensuring the very best practice in sharing information and data to improve care.

PRSB's national information standards will become integral to our ongoing product development and delivery. Specifically, as we develop RIVIAM Wellbeing with the addition of Shared Care Plans, we will provide assurance that the national best practice benchmark for a Digital Care and Support Plan has been met.

All of PRSB's standards have been created with the input of digital and clinical leaders as well as practitioners across the NHS and represent the consensus view of these professionals and the public of best practice.

“We are delighted that RIVIAM has joined our Standards Partnership Scheme and look forward to supporting them to reach conformance with the Digital Care Plan.” Lorraine Foley, CEO, PRSB
“Common information standards are essential for improving health and social care. They support innovation and new models of care by allowing higher quality, more reliable information to flow leading to improved, quicker decision-making and better collaboration.

Interoperability has always been at the forefront of RIVIAM's agenda. By ensuring RIVIAM's care co-ordination and collaboration services conform to PRSB's nationally agreed information standards, we have a robust and solid foundation upon which our services can be configured to meet our customer's individual needs helping them innovate, transform and respond to today's care pressures.”
Paul Targett, Managing Director, RIVIAM Digital Care

About the Standards Partnership Scheme

The scheme has been developed by PRSB working with NHSX and other health and care sector leaders. According to the PRSB, "Our Partners will be sending a strong signal to customers and investors that they are at the forefront of the drive towards interoperability in care."

PRSB standards are widely recognised as the definitive source of information that supports excellence in care.

First step towards becoming a Quality Partner

Affiliation of the scheme is our first step. Next, we aim to become a Quality Partner which means we will be assessed for compliance against specific standards.

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