RIVIAM runs on TPP SystmOne™ gateway machine

22/06/2018 09:30

RIVIAM's GP Desktop Connector is able to operate on a gateway machine in a GP practice.

TPP SystmOne™ 's gateway machine is often used for scanning documents, and it also provides a way of RIVIAM having constant access to TPP SystmOne™. This is useful where a customer needs, for example, 24 hour access in real-time to GP information.

If RIVIAM's GP Desktop Connector is deployed in a number of GP practices, RIVIAM can access all these services in real-time. This allows RIVIAM to provide a real-time GP record viewer, or access documents, or to task GPs for patients.

Working in this way is really powerful in providing 24 hour care and also allows GP practices to stay in control of patient information for which they are the data controller.

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