RIVIAM's integration with TPP SystmOne™ now delivers real-time updates

26/11/2019 16:46

RIVIAM's integration with TPP SystmOne™ now delivers real-time updates

RIVIAM can now interface in real-time with TPP SystmOne™

We have completed RIVIAM's certification with NHS Digital and RIVIAM is now able to interface in real-time with the popular clinical system TPP SystmOne™. We’ve achieved this under the current GP Systems of Choice contract (GPSoC) and are also listed on the new GP IT Futures framework.

Benefit of working with RIVIAM

The advantage we have is that now RIVIAM can read and update a TPP SystmOne™ patient record in real-time, book and retrieve appointments as well provide access to other reference information. We can now read and write coded clinical data directly into SystmOne™ .

Customer pilots showcase how the interface delivers value

Over the last year, we have been piloting the use of RIVIAM’s interface with SystmOne™ with our customers:

  1. A GP federation for appointment booking between EMIS Web and TPP SystmOne™; and
  2. Providing automated immunisations directly into TPP SystmOne™ for a large community vaccination NHS provider.

The pilots worked really well and show how RIVIAM can provide robust, high-quality integration with TPP SystmOne™ .

Using RIVIAM's TPP SystmOne™ interface

Working with our customers, we’ve developed two means of using RIVIAM’s interface with SystmOne™:

  1. Desktop application. As a companion application that runs alongside SystmOne™ on the clinician's desktop. RIVIAM automatically detects the selected patient and is then able to interact with SystmOne™. This is useful for applications like appointment booking where a user needs to work in real-time with SystmOne™ and RIVIAM.
  2. Server application. Working in the background, RIVIAM can be installed on SystmOne's™ gateway machine. This means RIVIAM runs 24x7 with SystmOne™ and can look up and update information directly. This is useful where there is a larger volume of updates required, like vaccinations.

Where a customer has multiple units of SystmOne™, RIVIAM can provide federated services across these instances, for example patient lookup. RIVIAM is also able to trigger and retrieve strategic reports.

Our commitment to interoperability

Our mission is to help improve the lives of people with digital technology and this integration with TPP SystmOne™ via the NHS Digital GPSoC scheme is an important step in helping community and primary care work well together.

Working well with TPP

We have found the process of working with TPP and the NHS Digital team to be very good and our joint commitment has enabled this powerful capability to deliver for the NHS.

We will report more about how we progress in 2020.

We'd love to hear from you if you'd like to discuss how our TPP SystmOne™ interface could support your services.


The owners of SystmOne™, The Phoenix Partnership (Leeds) Limited, “TPP” and EMIS Health Limited (EMIS) are not affiliated with Targett Business Technology Limited.

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