Contact management

Provides a simple and effective way to keep track of who is working with services

The contact management module allows providers to record contact information and link it to referrals and patients.

Keeping commitments to people

One of the most common complaints that people contacting service centres have is that they have not been "called back" or they haven't received a "promised letter". RIVIAM's Contact Management service allows a promise made to a person to be recorded and delivered.

Linking with referrals

Often when a person calls a service centre they call in relation to a referral for themselves or a person they are caring for. Contacts can be recorded and associated against a referral. This forms relationships with referrals and provides a powerful and easy way to manage links between people.

Automatic call lookup

When a call is received or made, RIVIAM is able to automatically record a referral against a contact. This means that a service centre can clearly see what contact has been made. Also, it helps to raise alerts if a large number of calls have been received about a referral or person.

Managing SMS and email

RIVIAM allows real-time communication with people using SMS text messaging and email via RIVIAM. All communication is automatically recorded against a contact for secure management.

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